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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Twitteree Dum Timewasters

Send you a Twitter message? Yeah, why not. After this operation, OK?

If you don´t use Tw*tt*r, I don´t blame you. It´s been a couple of months since I signed up myself. Previously I read some tweets of strangers, but found it not entertaining enough. I didn´t see the use of it for me. Besides I didn´t understand the use of #hashtackwords. I even said so!

What did change my mind? I discovered I had a ´scoop´ with Spooks´ promo pics. I am now a news source for future reference! I am a medium now. I won´t predict your future, but you can try by asking?!

There are characters and characters on Tw*tt*r. You don´t want to know. Only once I mentioned the word Spooks and forever I was stalked by the Grid. Spooky!  Guess they have time on their hands. Then there are other characters of which I can´t tell if they are all official monitored fakes.

Especially the Spooks´ characters are portraying a parallel world on Tw*tt*r.
Sometimes even FAR BEYOND acceptable behaviour.
In the weeks in which an episode of Spooks was about to be shown, each week had a daily tantrum.
 During the week, things like #Austenday were introduced, to get everybody dressed up for balls.
Boring days were those of merely #FF-tweets in which loyal tweeters were mentioned.
In the weekends, up to the minute of broadcasting, tweeters were asked to make #Spooks trending.
If I recall correctly, that succeeded only in the first couple of weeks.
Items of clothing had to be nearly taken off to gain these kind of results.

@_LucasNorth_ (John Bateman)
John Bateman is still out there. Communicating beyond the edge. Harry may need new lenses.
But back to Lucas. I was about to say he is short.. in sentences.
The only responses I get are: *hard stare*. He likes to send photo´s and vids of himself.
Runs around the place and drives his car on roundabouts. Can we trace where he is?
John so wants to retweet my Lucas´s stories of Series 9, before he jumps - off comms!

What can I say? Porter drinks, goes to the gym or for a jog, watches an action film on DVD, never displeases the ladies and gets a lot of naughty nice tweets. In short, #porterneverrefuses!

He shouts, has horse troubles, cooks himself and gets into absolute humiliating situations.
He unfollowed me after I reacted with `"If more men start following me, then I will unbuckle my belt as well" on all the undressing of @Lucas_North and @DimitriMI5 in order to get #Spooks trending in these lists:´Great Britain´ or ´London´. Yes, and what is the purpose of that, gentlemen?

All that naughty behaviour of hundreds of followers led to a policy of suddenly reduced tweeting.
It became really bad, and it let to one blogger asking herself: is twitter fun or not so fun?
There are people who think it´s all out of character. Rumour goes that Kudos is behind it...

The geist of my blog is offbeat and hilarious. As all Tw*tt*r posts are registered FOREVER in a central place in the USA, I take my subjects and suspects as lighthearted as a Lady (18th Century) would, but with a nowadays twist.

Some good came out of all that hilarious, but timewasting tweeting.
Besides to be interacting with those of you who send me tweets,
it´s nice to be the on top of the news.
For instance, to see, as one of the first, 
photo´s of RA on the set of Capt. America in Manchester (http://www.hobbsy.com/)
if you are prepared to wade daily through the tweets of those you follow
(not everyday, I pledge guilty).

"I tweet, so you don´t have to"
*sends devious smile*

My PR-agent B. Arbie tells me I should use the momentum, be fearless and plug my tweets:
She really said: "For crying out loud, throw it in their faces!"
If I can afford it, I will ask her trainees to do my tweets for me.

Screencap: RANet, Strike Back, episode 4


Avalon said...

I have missed a lot in the Twitter World...

Violet said...

...now the tweeter is awake...

RAFrenzy said...

LOL!! Do you happen to know Lucas_South? When he started following me, I thought man, that Violet's good. :D

Violet said...

Now I know, Frenz, check my tweets. You being followed, lucky you! I had to do the hard work of chasing!

Yeah, I know I´m good, but somehow feel I don´t quite deserve the compliment here... Did you type #Spooks and then got followed by Lucas South?!

kaprekar said...

The original twitterer @Lucas_North changed his twitter name to @_LucasNorth_ and there is now another (different) twitterer callled @Lucas_North. Somewhat confusing but that is what happened.

Violet said...

Kaprekar, and there is also @Lucas_South.