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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gisborne, A Tale Of Conflict

He wants the castle and Marian!

Gisborne, A Tale Of Conflict

Lord Guy, a goony life he obsessively aims,
a lot of hardships follows his games
His submission to Vasey is low
Armor the castle, do as you´re told
He despises the outlaw status of Robin Hood, 
wishing he fought his win
Hiding these from allies,
but he previously attempted to murder the King.

Lady Marian, a trophy wife he obsessively aims,
a lot of hardships follows his games
His many gifts provoke a no-go
Armor the castle, do as you´re told
He defies estranging the new chosen route,
wishing he fought his sin
Hiding these little lies,
like he previously attempted to murder the King.

There seems to be an other side...

The man has tough life circumstances...

Clinging with Vasey about the castle keys...

Being tested by Marian beyond redemption...

Yet maintaining the jurisdiction in the villages and the woods...

So is it strange he has sleepless nights about distroying Marian...

He is asked to prove his loyalty for the King´s brother...

Not to mention his family...

Therefore hitting the booze to have a cheerful work attitude?

Finally on my blog a real post about Gisborne.

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Avalon said...

He wants it all....

Violet said...

Me too. Fear I have to retreat from the Fanstrafaganza, as I have serious jobhunting to do. Wish me luck!