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Sunday, January 9, 2011


Martin Freeman chats about The Hobbit film in Jools´ Annual Hootenanny 2010-2011.
And I missed that bit!

Wassail! Hootenanny!
Seriously, I feel like I am an outsider
when my English Dictionary doesn´t explain these shout-outs to me!
Yes, my dictionary talks to me, thanks for asking.

Martin Freeman was a guest in the crowd in Jools Holland´s yearly festive end of year programme on the BBC with performing artists and guests from the entertainment industry, like actors, comedians, and other musicians. It´s a programme I like to see who are there. This time I forgot to record it. Couldn´t check i-Player as it was not for show ´in your area´.

I can say I was chuffed to see his face on tv, just days before his journey to New Zealand to film there for, what´s it, 8-9 months. Especially reassuring was his choice of clothes, his green shirt and matching green socks, exuded that he was comfortable to play Bilbo. That gives a civilian courage.

It´s not just that he´s in The Hobbit, that I post about him. It´s his dry humour!
I´ve seen him in the series The Office, the original English version. You either hate or dig it. I found it fantastic! It´s full with embarrassing scenes. You don´t want to work with those people, but sadly you have to. Day in, day out!
Another thing I saw him act in was the tv-film Micro Men. It´s a tale about the competitive introduction of personal computers brought to the people of England. It was very interesting. I didn´t have a clue how that came about as I live in The Netherlands.
That all in mind, I recently watched the 3-part series Sherlock Holmes in which he´s a nowadays Watson. Bantering with sociopath Holmes he´s been perfectly casted in this!

But back to the Hootenanny programme. Martin Freeman sat next to comedian Jo Brand or she was put next to him. She made a sudden, funny-ish remark about a man Martin just talked earlier to. She said something like: "He really loves you!", which made him laugh. Then he replied: "He´s a great kisser!". He knows how to counter these remarks. He seems like he´s someone with whom you can have a nice and funny chat in the pub with. I suppose his reply would be: "Only a pub chat?".  Alright then, I will quote the Vicar of Dibley: "Come to the bosom of my bosoms!" (for a hug).

(whatever that means)

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