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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Harry/Lucas: A X-mas Back Story

The Tazbeks dropped a little Christmas present.
A CCTV footaged file, larded with Wikileaks print-outs, free for interpretation.

On a lunch break:
Ruth: What´s that with you and Lucas?
Harry: Nothing.
Ruth: Mmm...
Harry: Now really, Ruth, I wish you would  keep out of my affairs.
Ruth: Affairs?
Harry: Work-related.
Ruth: Don´t boss me around, because you say you love me.
Harry: Do you want your life back or not?

At Harry´s office:
Harry: I went through your stuff and found this.

Harry: I had to dissect it to get it out of that file cabinet.

Harry: It was reported he was your main confidante.

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Harry: While I thought I was your little friend!
Lucas: That was before your time.

At home:
Harry: Maybe I shouldn´t be this harsh on Lucas.

Next morning:
Lucas: You said you will make up for it, Harry.
Harry: Don´t push it.

At the Home Secretary´s office:
Ros: Harry, you know Lucas is in a bit of a state, don´t rub the knob so hard.
Harry: Nothing I can´t handle, Ros, but thanks for your concern.

In the field:
Lucas: I am not sure about this alley...
Harry: Get on, move it! Yes Ruth, you were saying...

Lucas: You´ll get compromised, you made me go!
Harry: Leafs on the railroads, what´s new?

Harry: Look, Darshavin is past tense, forget about him!
Lucas: You know I can´t, I keep a diary.

Harry: The situation has changed, this is for the better.
Lucas: The Russians are not the only ones!

Flashback on Sugarhorse:
Harry: They can come and get their X-mas present!

Sorry people, I didn´t say it was quality information.

Screencaps: allegedly www.peterfirth.co.uk, top-classified


Traxy said...

Haha, this post made me laugh out loud! :D

Violet said...

Thank you!

The Harry-file *tuts*.