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Friday, May 28, 2010

Harry/Lucas: It´s Really A Sexual Thing

Poll results of ´Things on Spooks that make you go what?´ are here! Hardly a glovebiting Lucas (1 vote). Not my vote now, but come on! Ah yes, glovebiting is common these days. No flashback of Gisborne, people? Soit. It was either Lucas with a dark side (3 votes) or Harry as double agent (4 votes ). The majority (7 votes) voted for a real sexual thing between Harry and Lucas... You dirty dogs!

Let´s see what the Tazbeks dropped in my mailbox today... and not in trash can this time. I will have to send it forward, so I will. But first...

Confidential intel from the Grid
Concerning H. Pearce and L. North  (further referred as Harry and Lucas) and a bit of R. Meyers (Ros)
Notes by: Katja

Thanks to an inside mole, we´ve managed to capture some footage of the Grid. We´ve asked Katja to sit with us to clarify this intel.

The Grid, 16 March 2009, 9:00AM
Harry: Since you had your debriefment with Ros I had a chance to clean up these old files.
I found something that might interest you. You played Black Jack, didn´t you?
Lucas: Oh I had my days..
Harry: Good to know. According to Tazbek´s countersurveillance
he was liaising with Super Agent 004, codename Big Jim.
Lucas: He was my little friend!!
Harry: He´s grown into his own shoes now.
Lucas: So I see!
Harry: I found something else. Was this the reason to leave Big Jim for us?
Lucas: Big Jim gave me my identity back. No girlfriend asked me to remove it.
Harry: And Darshavin or Kachimov put it all back on.
Lucas: Dutros Dermis Ditris. Yes.
Harry: Why do you always resist me in my temptation to help you?
Lucas: You stole my horse!
Harry: I gave you a pony!
Lucas: No, that was with Big Jim...
Harry: The horsetrading was necessary, otherwise I wouldn´t have seen your back.
Lucas: You can watch the back of my mug!
Ros enters the room.
Ros: Harry? Our allies don´t know a thing. We´ll roll our eyeballs if it´s right in front of them.
Harry: Keep looking!
Several minutes later:
Harry: Everybody, Big Jim is no longer Super Agent 004.
We found in Lucas´ files that Big Jim loves pony riding!
Lucas: This is embarrassing...


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