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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Drops Wet Gorgeous

A few days ago Timelord sent me a message on my mobile phone. Funny, I don´t know a Timelord. The text read: ´Don't drink the water, don't even touch it, not one drop´. In a corny mood I texted back: ´Drops Wet Gorgeous!´. Got no reply yet.

I will try to recall what happened after I knocked at the convent gate for a refreshment. You know they have this current offer: 4 hours waterboarding, for only 20 euro? Didn´t know what to expect, but I could use a bit of freshen up. And then it became a blur.

´Watching paint dry, is boring. This will hypnotize you´, said a man in his mid-fourties with arms thick as chain-cables.
This wasn´t my idea of a convent. I felt a mean, thick needle going into the skin of my arm and soon after that, I dozed off.
Woke up after some time and got slapped in the face. I couldn´t move, was restrained by a frayed rope.
´Where´s the Beemie report?´
´Beam me up? I don´t know´, I said confused.
This time I was hit hard in the face. Tasted blood in my mouth.

My eyes, one getting swollen, couldn´t really adjust to the dim light. Heard the brute walking out of the room, a basement or whatever it was. A rather loom surrounding.

´If I can do it, you can do it too´, hissed some man from the other side of the room. Someone else there was also tied up.
Felt a crust of blood drying up under my right eye.
´I need a doctor. Who are you?´, I hissed back.
´You´re quick´, he quipped.
A remark I didn´t understand.

´Get me my digital cinema HD-camera that does more than 1.000 frames a second´, roared the giant to someone in the hallway who I couldn´t see. By that time my right eye felt terribly swollen.

Then I guess I had a psychedelic experience. I recall watching and hearing water.. drops....fall... ve....ry.... slow...ly... saw... them.... fal...ling... ree..aal.. sl...oo..ow...

´Do you keep up with the jest zest? You get waterboarded, sis!´
Gulp! Got a bucket of water splashed in my face. I hate that!
Then, lying down, with cloth over my face, I had to struggle with many buckets more.

Eventually I got out of there, thanks to the witty stranger, with something he called the Sonic Screwdriver. Oh, and I tripped over waterbottles all over the floor, labelled ´The Waters of Mars´. 

http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/downloads/192-sbdownloads.html nailing a spoiler


Violet said...

In Holland we have to do it with this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vb4evU8UkWY&feature=related to watch. It´s very effective and it´s advertised in tv-magazines etc. I know what I prefer to see.

The BBC Dr. Who trailer of ´The Waters Of Mars´is one of the best trailers I´ve seen in ages. Didn´t see the episode. Remembered the sound of waterdrops falling at the begin and end of it, and that there was a quote.

Earthling Skully of The Spooks Fan Blog is fan of Dr. Who, or -should I say- fan of RA as Dr. Who. I don´t quite see RA as Dr. Who. Didn´t Dr. Who get younger after each transition?

Just like the word Timelord, if meant as a complimentious nickname.

For the rest, it´s again inspired on Chris Ryan´s Strike Back. No, I haven´t seen the episodes yet or looked at the screencap gallery.

So here you go.

iz4blue said...

Lookin' at all the good stuff I've been missing out on! Gotta love that add!!
btw Can't see RA as Dr.Who either.