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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Want Your Necklace

So I was in the Forest. It was a beautiful day. No buildings in sight.

I had my handbag still with me over my shoulder. I smarten myself up a bit. Did my hair, and because I was still in pj´s, I hide behind a tree to change into jeans and t-shirt. I cringed for taking a t-shirt along with me that was not helping me.
I had my socks and sneakers with me, so no problem there.

Then I saw a man coming towards me. He looked vaguely familiar.
I am bad with faces anyway.
´Hello there!´
I was twisting my brains who it might be. He looked me up and down.
´I want your necklace´, he said bluntly.
´WHAT?? My one million dollar necklace made by William Goldberg, pieced together from 45 carats of fancy colored diamonds, every last one of them natural and micro set in platinum and 18-karat yellow gold?´, I said in shock.

He was breathing heavingly heavy, ´cause it was 37 degrees in the shade.
´Come on! I give you this face.´
Doubt, doubt, twisting my toe in the sand.
´It was my mother´s!´, I said, prolonging the moment.
Suddenly, he looked kind of sad.
He reclaimed himself and got impatient.
´Or should I take it by force?´
´Ehhhh....´. I tried really hard to look upset. Really!

´You´re insane!´, he smirked and brought me to the gates of the convent.
´Birds like you, will be fine there!´

I must have been completely dishevelled or it was the heatwave.

Pictures, screencaps used:
The Framework Blog
the necklace actually costs 2 million dollars

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