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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another Profile The Women Adore

HOLLYWOOD - If you are a man and had the chance to visit Miramar’s Stone Street Studios when "The Hobbit" was being produced you would no doubt have been much more interested in how the picture was being shot, than in the personality of the star.

On the other hand, if you are a woman or a girl, it would be Richard Armitage you would be most interested in seeing.

I must confess that this clash of interest as displayed by the opposite sexes is not from personal observation.

That is what the guides at the studio told me - and they ought to know.

In fact, he so impressed the ladies by his gallantry of manner and courtly charm - two attributes by the way which were his great assets - that they began to pester the officials unmercifully.

Hence a ban on visitors for the rest of the production period.

None of this adulation, however, affected Richard Armitage. He carried on as usual, debonair, charming, always letter-perfect and in his usual high spirits.

However, the women who did manage to meet Richard Armitage in the early stages of the production were clearly pleased by his attention and all of them came away with the impression that he was their favorite actor.

In fact, he flattered them more than they did him.

In this picture he had keen competition - Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood, Aidan Turner and Benedict Cumberbatch are in the cast - and he worked exceptionally hard to give of his best.

For several days he was trussed to a pony. Nothing about him could move except for his eyes.

Peter Jackson, who directed and produced the film, was finally moved to remark, "Looks as though we've got him where he'll behave at last."

To which the cameraman remarked, "That's what you think. Richard can do more with his eyes than most people, and if you look through the camera you'll see he's pinching the scene."

Film fans have alot of knowledge about starts. Most of his American visitors knew he was born in England and that he joined the circus in his determination become an actor.

Many of the visitors to "The Hobbit" asked when he expected to sing in a picture. He merely said he had no plans for singing on the screen, although he is to portray the life story of Thorin Oakenshield, leader of a group of singing Dwarves, in his upcoming picture.

It was his singing ability, however, which got him back into a singing role, having performed in musical theatre in England.

For several years he appeared on English television in several tv series, Robin Hood, Spooks and Strike Back.

Literally "tall, dark and handsome" Armitage seems to have all it takes to make an idol on the screen. Women talk about him and when they talk to him he has the ability to make every one of them think he has eyes and ears for her alone.

Yet their menfolk don't object for they recognize in his easy-going manner, friendly attitude and ready wit that he is also a "man's man."

**this is a fake article**
A scan of the original article published in Picturegoer, February 17, 1945, can be found on http://www.carygrant.net/articles/profile.htm
The rights of above picture of Richard Armitage are with Recognize Magazine/Daniel Higgins,
in classic Hollywood look photoshopped and cropped by The Framework Blog 


bccmee said...

Wow I've heard of photo-manipulations but you have cleverly synthesized a text-manipulation! *applause*

Violet said...

Thanks Bccmee! *bows*

Fanny/iz4blue said...

LOL that pic made for perfect inspiration !

RAFrenzy said...

Violet, you are a piece of work. A great piece of work! but still a piece of work. Yes, this is a good thing. :D

The fiction is great. Keep it up!

RAFrenzy said...

I also meant to say that I love the blog's new look.

Violet said...

Thanks, Fanny and Frenzy!

When this photo appeared in black and white and online just a couple of days ago, fans talked about it that RA had a classic Hollywood look. Then I remembered my thought about him appearing in a b/w Hitchcock movie from the 1940s. Yesterday there was a mention on Twitter that the Rebecca movie would get a remake. The new script will have a different ending from previous filmversion, but the original ending from the book, as was intended by Hitchcock. I can picture Mr. A in the role of Maxime de Winter (Dutch name)a rich widower, who was portrayed by Laurence Olivier, big shoes to fill, but I don't like to point out the bears on the road.

But to come back to this post, I immediately had Gary Grant's name in my head, who played in North by northwest, an Hitchcock film, mentioned by Mr. A (yes, I've seen this film at least five times). So I looked online and found this article which had a lot of similarities with the things I've picked up from interviews with RA.

The background of my blog is in Valentine mood this month. Of course it's heavily tongue in cheek. I don't intend to keep it here longer than this month.

I apologize for my cynical humour, if it comes across like that. I hope it was just a phase.

OneMoreLurker said...

LOL, thanks g*d I was sitting while reading this because my legs became jelly from the first paragraph :P

Nice 'article', I have a happy feeling inside.


Violet said...

Thanks OML, for keeping your composure! :)