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Monday, August 1, 2011

August Is Hot: Bringing The GRRRRR..

August Is Hot: theme: BRINGING THE GRRRRR..!

This month and this year is very important for you, dear readers, enjoyers of RA´s works of art.
There is an announcement to be made!
In August I am hitting the respectable age of 40 just as bad as Mr. A.! Cheers!
As I´m not the main driver in this story,
and like to keep my private troubles private,
this is a fact I can´t deny.
Do I want it to slip in the conversation?
Does it really matter?
You´ll find out...
..as you are on a quest to find
(just as previous year: loads of reflective nonsense)
My theme is about Bringing The GRRR.., because everyone has to bring some daring into their lives.
It´s a long story why I finally went into improv acting.
I kinda knew I was funny and could write ridiculous nonsense,
but that´s not something you´ll risk your mortgage on.
So I had a string of office jobs to secure the paychecks and right now I´m back to square one,
looking for another job once again and improv acting is still a hobby.

If you´re shy like me, I strongly recommend it, even for writing purposes.
I now regularly visit the rehearsals for a play about Alzheimer´s disease.
I was asked to do lights and sound at a couple of occasions (!)
Acting and learning from stage directions is very useful.
Foremost, I learned what makes a scene work.
You learn about what makes people tick and face your own perks.

The thing is, this second year I was notified in my improv acting group
that I was struggling with ´acceptance´ in taking ´gifts´.
I also came up with weird hilarious suggestions,
which was hard for my team members to use in the improv scene.
At some point I feared I was not welcome anymore.
We recently had a good coach who explained how to use my input to the team´s best effort
and how to use acceptance more fully.
Now my suggestions are fully accepted, with thanks to an acclaimed brilliant hilarious scene,
knowing I had your receptive support on this daringly funny blog!

In January I mentioned I have a wonderful writing project in the drawer and in the back of my mind.
I was thinking about the story, whether it was not full of cliches and treaded paths.
The fear of rejection...
So I observed tv-series, plays and films. Have to finish the thing and see where it takes me!

Coming August Is Hot posts I will put the focus back on RA.


Anonymous said...

Ready for you bringing the GRRRRR .... LOL

Summer said...

Ready for you bringing the GRRRRR.... LOL

Violet said...

Wait and see, Summer! :)

CDoart said...

Hope you have a great day with lovely RA pictures and lots of fun ;o) Enjoy your special day !!!

Violet said...

Thanks CDoart, I had a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Belated HB, Violet! I think I remember 40. Short-term memory, you know.

Played the RA NZ vid excerpt for my down-to-earth, feet-on-ground daughter in law. She said "HE is HOT".

So, fan yourself, and go along with it. :D


Violet said...

Thanks, Fitzg, for giving me a lifeline to hang on to! :)