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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Heinz Kruger in 3D

Had to keep myself in my seat and not shout: RICHAAARD!!!!

Highlight seeing RA on the big screen in 3D: he´s coming at ya!

..with a click and a bang!

Toss the glasses, but mind the gap!

Shootout with a granny!
No, they won´t prepare you for that at drama school! :)

Sadly (or thankfully) these are ´all´ RA related images to post here.
(I did a selection, sorry. And I am sparing you in case you haven´t seen it yet)
Dying to tell you! (Others will, surely)

Captain America: The First Avenger

It was not my first experience with comic films. Superman and Spiderman films, remember those?
The Marvel related squee on forums: did not ring a bell. However I did read the Iron Man comics as a kid when visiting relatives. Those had a moral: do good and meet good, be bad, be squashed.
Found out that the Captain America comics were some 70 years old and that there´s about 50 stories.
Read the odd reviews.
With that in mind I came to the cinema.
This was Auntie Violet´s first experience with 3D.
So my eyes popped out of their sockets when the trailers of Conan the Barbarian ,
Green Lantern , Rise of the Planet of the Apes or so where shown before the main film started.

Overall, the film had well rounded characters in a nice story arc, a great cast and great special effects.
Two things I didn´t quite get.

The Krypton-like (that is really green energy) glass this character Skull (unexpected effective casted evil `LOTR´s Elf ´ and that multiplier guy from The Matrix, Hugo Weaving) is after (blue energy glass) provided hard to ignore thoughts of :`Should I connect this information to the things I just saw in the trailer of scifi comic Green Lantern knowing CA is a sequel and a prequel?´. And because of the fact that all these comic books and films tend to be related. Green Lantern mentions of a The Ring (no not that one from Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit) chooses this time a human as a guardian to keep a sector of the universe safe.

Connection to Hydra, Heinz Kruger´s solo action and Skull was not very clear. Hydra works for Skull, Skull works for H.. himself. Something that will be explained in The Avengers? Worth seeing I say so now, whether I would not have bothered before.

UPDATE: This was explained somewhat by RA talking about his character Heinz Kruger in this clip:
"I really tried not to see him as the bad guy"

On the work of the special effects arts department guys:
"It´s 60% of the work in kind of stimulating your imagination"

Tip: stay until the end: you will see a short trailer of The Avengers.
Conclusion: fairytale for boys.
Those comments by the boys in the audience were very helpful.
The guy who sold the tickets, found the film ´Vet´ (cool) and would like to see it again.

Secret 1:  I saw it twice, back to back. SHHH!! *grins* (no DVD then)

Secret 2: love to see more 3D films now, although the introduced films, judged by their trailers,
showed very simplified storytelling :(

Secret 3: I didn´t mind the ´2D into 3D´ kind of thing. 3D looks like cardboard pictures in a shoebox.

No secret: looking forward to the two parts of The Hobbit in 48 frames per second 3D!


Images: richardarmitagenet.com, mtime.com


kaprekar said...

I'm seeing it soon, hopefully in 3D or if not I will return later for the full 3D experience. I can't miss out on that!

Violet said...

Kaprekar, take it from me, if you have the 3D experience within reach and means, you should treat yourself!

Traxy said...

"3D looks like cardboard pictures in a shoebox." - YES!!! You've put your finger on it! That's EXACTLY what I think it looks like and that's one of the reasons I didn't really enjoy the 3D when we went to see Green Lantern!

Violet said...

So you preferred the ´2D into 3D´ just as much as I did! I didn´t think it was that bad, didn´t notice the grainy texture.
Sat just before middle of the theatre and had my view full of CA!! And was impressed by the special effects!:)
Can´t believe to sit first row. You would have to lie back.. imagine The Hobbit..eyeful of Thorin, Gandalf, Bilbo, Gollum, Kili or was it Fili...