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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Harry/Lucas: The Fall Out - Part I - First Breach

The Tazbeks don´t know what to make of the rogue actions of Lucas North. Previously overlooked information was re-studied and found clues were broken into segments. Infiltration in section D´s archives proofed to be necessary. CCTV footage was copied, filed and distributed among all Tazbekian spies, like Katja who should have written this report much earlier.

First day on the Grid after 8 years of imprisonment:
Lucas: Harry, you´d better arrange a flat with no bathtiles for me, ´cause a bathroom freaks me out!
Harry: I see you´re settling in.

Flashback to years of torture:
Lucas: I can´t take it any more... *sighs*

Meeting Ros en route:
Lucas: Ros, is comfort in my flat too much asked? Harry refuses Russian bath ducks.
Ros: Harry hates baths. Hairnet and tweezer are on the house. Alright, designer stubble too.

Secret tete-a-tete with former prison visitor:
Kachimov: You shouldn´t expect Russian bath ducks from Harry.
Lucas: I also expect soap and an apology!

Operation Seat Change aka Loo Roll:  
Lucas: A toilet! Even in shitty locations I have to pull!

Lucas: Harry would wish my sheet to be so clean as this toilet!

 Lucas: Concentrate! Practice opportunity for delicate handiwork!
OK, intel where are you? In the loo roll?!

Operation Russian Whisper:
Russian Whisper: If you get me a drink, I will tell you were to find your package!
Lucas: Alright, but my real package is tax free!

 Lucas: A kitchen! In operation Shakespeare Retold at least I killed the cook!
Now, where´s that package with my fake passport?

Back to the airport:
 Lucas: I will scheme up something wonderful for Mr. Pearce as he doesn´t know me that well!

Lucas: Who am I today? Ah, Matthew Unwin, from Moscow to London!

Screencaps: RAcentral, Spooks ep. 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.8 and 9.8


bccmee said...

Your blog makes more sense than the show! I always laugh when I see that passport photo. It's a brilliant detail to see such a bad photo, LOL! The BBC props people had it right, even if the writers sucked.

Violet said...

Thanks, Bccmee! The props guys did put a lot of effort in it.

Anonymous said...

The first reaction is that I had not registered that the eyes were quite so wide-set; the "passport" photo highlights this.

The second is that your photo screencaps give thought to trying to explain Lucas/John, assuming that is possible, given the scripts. Perhaps the visual caps can further a better alpha to omega of "Lucas". Not sure where I'm going with this. But your caps are giving rise to some thought. (or obsessive over-analysing? :D that is more than possible!)


Violet said...


At some point it was soo obvious: it couldn´t be nothing else than the tile fobic! :) :) It must have been part of Lucas´ character (passport). Only we viewers (actors too?) got to be so meagerly informed. Understandable we seek answers, clues and explanations, even if it´s in the eyes... Besides I like the screencaps too, those are so underused...