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Thursday, August 18, 2011

August Is Hot: Navel Fluff

"First I have to do something"

August Is Hot!

Now you will never take me seriously again.
I will have to make my deepest, sincerest apologies for these kind of pictures on my blog.
Since I became 40, my brain has drained all serious blogpost ideas.

It has hit me in the face, with a wet towel. Not a nicked hotel towel, by the way.
It was this one. Not this one.

While I was sitting in the theatre, watching that English play, it dawned on me that I was witnessing The English System Of Acting And Performing. Being Dutch I could picture this being encapsuled within the whole British entertainment industry. So I felt soooooo sorry for this guy (I mean, come on, we´re talking RA here), slaving away between small actors (in height), bowing for demanding directors and keeping fit because the script requires it for national health reasons.

For health reasons: notice details like navel fluff?

I do feel BAD............... for posting these embodiments intentionally, because.. that´s what I learned.. these shirtless moments were meant to be the ´mild shockeffect moments´ in between scenes of a story. Nowadays it seems predominant to get ratings by viewers to bring readers to blogs.

Why to appreciate these sightings of RA´s acting? These are visual reminders of the many hours of preparation, in order to portray a character. There is more to it than that. I did say something intelligent about beardy actors using their body naturally. My mind suggests to talk about acting later...
Notice that I work with my issue of ´acceptance´ here, bringing the GRRRRR....

Talking about acceptance, I am soooo looking forward to The Hobbit (what´s it: reason 4 now?). That reminds me I´m soooo relieved that there are no sexy dwarves in The Hobbit!!
Brings back memories of the film ´Master And Commander´: hardly any women on board, so no kissing. Watch it on a very rainy day!
I hope Peter Jackson can control all those actors who beg for shirtless scenes, because for authenticity reasons of The Hobbit, we should only be interested in Gollum´s naked chest!

*reads The Hobbit*


Navel fluff provided by RACentral and RANet
Spooks series 9, Ultimate Force and Strike Back series 1


bccmee said...

I'll be reading The Hobbit eventually and I look forward to the bathing scene!

Violet said...

Well I´m not looking forward to the bathing scene! The Dwarves will take good care of their beards, proud as they are. But I fear it will turn into something rate worthing! *grunts*