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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Can´t Answer That Question

Why are you so uptight about having sand in your stubble?
"I´m sorry, Sir. I can´t answer that question!"

Making this one viral? My pleasure!

StrikeBack Viral from seanographic.co.uk HD on Vimeo.


RAFrenzy said...

So glad you're doing your part.:D

Loving your blog. I need to comment more often!

Violet said...

Thank you!

I try to keep it up/down, whatever you want to read into it.

At least I can embed the vid in blogspot.com. :^)

kaprekar said...

This video is wonderful.

I just found your blog and I will try to come back and visit.

Violet said...

Welcome Kaprekar! Nice to know you are reading my blog as well.

Yes the vid is wonderful. Hope it will be used as teaser trailer for Strike Back series 2. I heard a rumour that insiders from Sky say that there will be a SB2!

servetus said...

Nice. You have the most amazing ability to formulate incisive jokes.

Violet said...

Thanks Servetus! Nice to hear that from somebody else, other than me!