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Friday, July 30, 2010

August Is Hot: The Signs

Tattoo it on your chest, so you´ll never forget

Helloooo August!

How could you overlook the HUGE signs in the last weeks that said "August is hot"? There is a subconscious stream. I know it. 
I was having dorktastic thoughts to toy with a set of delectable posts in honour of ´a´ birthday month for this year. And there they were, the signs!
The signs

August Calendar
Teena from the YImum blog makes calendar wallpapers and I´m proud to have them in the sidebar, on my blog. This time I begged her: "Please, think of my reputation." She promised to mail me a more dressed decent one, if she manages to cool down.
To preserve my offbeat image and her naughty creativity, her original calendar is at the top of this post.

Strike Back Video Viral. 
Who is captor? Who is captive? Who is in control?
The masochistic ones among you will play this over and over!

Surprise Video
A new suggestive clip wears the tagline: "It´s a quickie". 
You´ll see the link soon. If you dare to watch it, you´ll keep it!

Totally bonkers

In the weeks of August I will bring you a series of short tongue in cheek posts, recognizable for Leo-luscious, birthday hotties like me and hopefully bearable delectable to every other reader of this blog.

Bring on August!

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