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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Is Hot: Should We Know You?

"Yeah, I play Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit 1, 2 and 3. Want an autograph?"

Theme: Should We Know You?

Is it really important what I say about Richard Armitage?
Well, I have this August Is Hot themed series running each year and so far, I was never silenced by my impressions of his entertaining acting, the dynamic man himself, or even by his massive beard. 
OK, I was, am, and suppose will be, but not in this way.

I'm so stuck in a barrel about The Hobbit presentation at Comic Con, 14th July 2012.
First, coming from me, it's a big compliment, it's the "Now I really get it, you're in The Hobbit!"
So why do I feel as follower and blogger to be expected to become a vessel for The Hobbit aka Peter Jackson to be endorsing The Hobbit? Willing to negotiate, call my agent...
Furthermore, the friendly but controlled introduction of Mr. A to the world, felt like a postponement of the eventual brutal unleashing to the masses and papparazzi, by the time of the premiere tour.
What do I have to contribute to the world with these hesitant sentiments?

"You're the burglar blogger. Go on and... burgle blog something!" 
Thorin Oakenshield
Richard Armitage's fan base

In that case, I'll put on my 3D glasses!

BTW, I'm Violet, hilarious blogbabe, so rubbing shoulders with famous RA bloggers.
Am so boiling the ocean in a 'so-me/so-you'-way, according to my agent B. Arbie.
She's is such a doll!

Guess you sensed the humbug alert?
Maybe I should oil the PR-machine!


NovemberBride said...

With you on this one! Buying up WD-40 here in flyover USA. Am stocking up for Dec.! :)

Violet said...

Hi NovemberBride,

Had to google WD-40, a water displacing spray, don't know what you mean by your commen