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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Crucible Cartoons

John Proctor and Abigail's situation in nowadays nutshell.
(I vibe Proctor/RA as schoolteacher).

About time I put my Crucible gems, posted first on Facebook and Twitter, on my blog.
These cartoons are made by Mat Khal which I met on FB, ideas are mine.

Dreaming of Olivier Awards.
(Finally, the odd photoshoot explained).

Mere mortals hoping to be read. 
(His facial expressions inspired me).

Anyone fancy to watch a reenactment of their domestic quarrels in theatre?
(Indoors, Old Vic allowed liquor in plastic cups).

There is a Fourth Wall that devides people in theatre. ;)
(Real inspiration will be revealed further in this post).

The 'doodle' I've made so Mat could understand my idea: 
the egotistical hyper awareness of the fleeting 'being in the room'.
(It is as simple as that).

This doodle I tweeted to RA's twitter account as a Thank You note, 
coming from the perspective of a humble audience member. 
Foremost, it was a mentional reply to Kevin Spacey's tweet 
as the departing artistic director of the Old Vic Theatre.
About a week later I was surprised - for coincidental reasons - when a charity tweeted RA's doodle. Remarkable, since he hasn't auctioned or published a doodle in years.
Yes, very egotistical of me to think there is any connection. Like the ripples in the water...

Anyway, after five years of flaw-inspired blogging I am still in the room.
Now that's creepy.

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