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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Going Full Circle

"I will have to work the fields * cough *."
Theme: Going Full Circle
Some facts should remain private,
like John Proctor being a bad boy.
No shame, no regret, until that is...
Read the play. I can't get over it.
I have to get my fangirly side out in the Woods of Salem.
Please don't judge, I feel a bit wicked.
More on this, or not, as I bewitch Mr. Farmer.
Under construction
I have to catch that rabbit on my doorstep, before the clock strikes midnight. Am I talking in tongues? Oh yes, no regrets. I blame John Proctor for luring me into his arms. And Richard for having me come back to London to finally see him act live.
I remember a certain time and place when... but I won't mention names. Goody gone wicked Violet was going full circle. 
I feel I have to post more on The Crucible.

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