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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Hobbit ´DoS´ Stands For Dwarf Of Sexiness


RAFrenzy said...

This deserves a comment! I've missed reading your blog, and I see it's refreshingly still the same in that I laugh every time I come to this place. Thanks for that.

Violet said...

Thank you, RAFrenzy. You haven't seen nothing yet, Bccmee wanted to collaboRAte with me! She's great! :)

Yes, maybe I should blog more, but my mind is like a sponge, soaking up impressions and it works not that fast when I lose - by RL worries - my sense of humour, which is my Oaken Shield in a way. Am momentarily moving heaven and earth to get myself to nearest Hobbit premiere, so also less involved because of that. Fingers crossed.

And I have more to say about recent grand Hobbit marketing manips hailing us to Dwarf Of Sexiness. Actually, your hobby-horse. I can imagine your blogpost. :)