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Friday, September 2, 2011

Totally Deniable Operation

"Middle Earth, Operation Garden Gnome. What the hell is that?"

Like I said in my last post, I´m soo in the mood for a Totally Deniable Operation. By which I mean to set up a series of fiction posts which are written following your requests and suggestions! Please feel free to put them in the comments: names, locations, character traits, quotes, cliff hangers, music suggestions, you name it. On the top of my head I will associate and make up some post.
If this experiment is succesful, I will write more posts, for which you can send in more suggestions, or I will drive on the previous ones. But pleeaase, not a story with Garden Gnomes!
Now that filming of The Hobbit, has started again, snow or no snow, brisky will be nice with all those heavy costumes and smothering prosthetics, I can only think of how the gnomes are doing in my garden...feeling slightly under the weather... staring at me... don´t know why... I feed them well. ..

Please, not too explicit, naughty, or rude... like me.

Screencap RACentral Spooks 8.8


bccmee said...

It would be fun to cross over with the Richard Armitage on the Phone blog on Tumblr! His characters look so beautiful while talking on the phone...not sure why that appeals to me so much. http://richardarmitageonthephone.tumblr.com/

Violet said...

Bccmee, I can live with that! I´ve seen that tumblr page and if you say ´telephone´, I say ´vid telephone´ of which I´m one of the few fans, seeing the number of views! :)


Are there any other suggestions, anyone?

Violet said...

Received suggestion of @Smithy_lass via Twitter: vid Lucas North - Fix You