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Friday, June 24, 2011

Yep, I Did It Again: Cartoons!

Taken from screencap of Spooks series 8. Is he really getting a Dwarf-size contract?

Taken from promo picture of Strike Back, combined with secret location in Hobbit Country.

Taken from tweeted pictures photoshoot of RA for upcoming August issue of Recognise Magazine


Hope you will appreciate them, nick and link ´em, and thank me for making them!


RAFrenzy said...

Love this! :D

Anonymous said...


bccmee said...

Awesome! *snorting with laughter*

Violet said...

Thank you, Frenz, Alfie and Bccmee!

Violet said...

Servetus used my Armitage-a-trois aka The Daltons/Lucky Luke on her blog. Thanks!


I also had my latest blogposts reviewed on her blog:

Violet offers some news relating to the important distinction between dwarves and gnomes. AND: applying the multiplier effect to the Recognise mag pic: a whole chorus line of preening, tie-adjusting Armitages! Squeee! Seriously, this is the funniest blog and I don’t look at it near enough.

.. in this post with an overview of current Armitageworldly blogs:


Thanks again!