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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dwarves Are Not Gnomes

Dwarf Thorin as Gnome Richard

The gnomes in my cartoon, who were previously pouting and making a mess of my back garden, being ignored as casting material for Dwarves, were busy playing a re-enactment of The Hobbit, when they heard disturbing news, yet also uplifting, about some wannabe gnomes playing the fool for charity goal Rise Up Christchurch.

The Union Of Legimate And Honorable Gnomes had set up a statement which reads as follows:
(I had to enlarge it to read it).

"The Union Of Legimate And Honorable Gnomes wishes to declare to be saddened by the misrepresentation of gnomes in a Hobbit trailer. Although we considerately and carefully try to understand the popularity of pretending to be or being a Legimate And Honorable Gnome, we cannot include everyone of our height and beardsize into our Union. Acknowledged Legimate And Honorable Gnomes nurture nature, mumble in their beards and are called Gnome, son of Garden. Therefore we cannot agree with the representation of Dwarves pretending to be Gnomes as given."

A spokesperson said, when asked about the implications of the statement, "Once we´re back on speaking terms with Hobbitwood, we will take our statement into consideration."

Hope you understand I have to find my way out of Milkwood Mirkwood soon!
I intend to put my #hobbitread tweets in a post, eventually.

Good to see The Hobbit is filmed within budget!
Looking forward to it even more!
Oh, and I hoped for a Dwarves´ song!
I came close, didn´t I?

Check out Servetus´ (Me+RichardArmitage) and RAFrenzy´s posts
with ´Informal Fan Challenge´ on giving donations to this charity.

Found fascinating gif on RAlfieism´s blog.

Dwarf Thorin RA has sent a Hobbital Thank You on 29th May 2011.

Find out about the cello playing request by Calexora on Befuddled Musings.

I tweeted:
I was hoping for a Dwarves´ song on the telethon, I settle for cello playing :)
(Didn´t think there was time to practise or screen time for cello playing,
was hoping for something Dwarvish in jeans,
not expecting Dwarf costumes, but hey, they made an effort!)

I retweeted:


This post
Dwarves Are Not Gnomes
was a reply to
my previous post
Gnomes Are Not Dwarves

The truth is in there, somewhere.

Screencap: RAnet/Bccmee


RiCrAr said...

Hi Violet, I realize I'm commenting to a post about The Hobbit BUT this message is about another book(what a stretch that was to find a commonality:)

The other book is Game of Thrones. After posting that 7 kingdoms chart a couple days ago, it occurred to me you might not have discovered all the GoT websites devoted to explaining all the nitty gritty of Westeros. On twitter you'll find Tower of the Hand, Westerosorg, WiC(winter is coming) with links to their informative websites. There are charts, lists of characters for each kingdom, dissected chapters,etc etc. Currently at westerosorg.com you can find forum discussions following each new ep.
Something to help fill in gaps between RA news and The Hobbit reading:)


Violet said...

Hi Ann, thanks for the suggestion. I haven´t posted anything about GoT, because I´m not into it. I may be, when it gets aired on Dutch tv. Uploading and watching it online -if possible- is not really my thing. I have plenty on my mind to fill in your gaps as mentioned too, but I don´t intend to change into a daily blogger.